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Since 1991, innovlight through its creator, has integrated the LED components market to distribute them to major brands of household appliances, car manufacturers, indoor growers, entertainment professionals and, of course, electronic products of all types. Over the years, its director, Jean-Cyril Dondoua, an electronics engineer by training, has acquired a great deal of experience in all these fields. He is now one of the most sought-after experts in the sector and many of his clients, and even his suppliers, call him to benefit from his quality advice.

innovlightinnovlight, thanks to its partners and customers, has always operated on the principle of quality above all. Thus, an action of technological watch initially planned to integrate the market was transformed into philosophy of operation. innovlight Today, innovlight supplies its customers with the best components of the market while continuing this work of monitoring which enables it to reinforce its expertise still and always while allowing it to extend the range of its markets.

Today, the LED market has spread to all sectors. R&D in the field is expanding and the applications are multiplying. For example, in the last few years, UV LEDs have appeared and are dramatically transforming the health, sanitary and hygiene sectors.

Similarly, LEDs have become indispensable in the entertainment industry, where lighting is a major component. Designers, for their part, have also integrated this technology into their creations and the lighting market has taken off.

Thus, innovlight and its team have taken an important turn. While continuing to work with international industrialists, a new branch of activity was created to allow companies and individuals to benefit from quality manufactured products, integrating LED technology. Attractive costs, lower ecological impact, flexibility, possibilities, in short, a whole range of products selected for their interest, their quality and their reliability.

Thus, in addition to supplying the industries, while ensuring them a part of advice which proved to be really appreciated during the preliminary phases of design, innovlight now offers some manufactured products that meet the needs of individuals and companies in terms of efficiency and quality. This range will slowly be extended to offer only qualified products.

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expert specialist in LED lighting technologies, JC Dondoua has been able to adapt to the needs of his customers. Visionary of the led lighting, he proposes new solutions which will allow him to raise innovlight among the major actors of the LED sector in Europe.

Jean-Cyril Dondoua

CEO / FOunder

Pioneer, Expert, Distributor & Enlightened Consultant

since 1991